Get free mobile recharge by playing online games.

Get free mobile recharge by playing online games

Dear All, Finally we have a website which really gives free recharge for people. The website is OGN . Even though there exists few websites which claims to give free recharge ,but method for getting recharge in this site is really simple, and one don't have to fill complicated surveys or click on ads etc to get recharges

Every one like playing online games , and OGN is giving recharges for people for playing online games.The amount is credited based on the time spend by the user in a single game .If you play a game for at least 6 minutes ,a popup is displayed showing that you are credited with this much Rupees

So that amount is credited in your account, its your wish to continue playing the same game or not,but to get more money you need to play a different game (refreshing the same game page will do the same)

Apart from that for a first time user, there is an option to invite your email friends and to share the website in your facebook,by doing both of them you will be credited with Rs 5 ,and you need to play for remaining Rs 5 ,to get a minimum payout of Rs 10 .

User can request for a recharge in the recharge request section of OGN's ,you can see recharge requests processed here .

Its entirely up to the user ,when to request for the recharge ,usually people request for recharge when their balance reaches Rs 50.Users can check their available OGN Cash in their respective profile page

Promoter Section

Now the most interesting part of OGN is their promoter section, a gamer can also become promoter and no separate account is needed. Promoter section is for those people who got internet marketing skills.If you have a website ,or a facebook fan page with lot of members, or even if you have a lot of contacts in your facebook account or email ,this will work for you.What you need to do is ,after logging in you need to visit the referral section of OGN ,where you will get your referral link

You can send this referral link to your friends, post it in your facebook wall,or if you have a website or blog you can post the same there as well .Now OGN pays Rs 1 for 4 people visited OGN using your referral link ,and it doesn't matter whether those people registered in the website or not, you will still get your money .But if those visitors register in the website you will get additional Rs 1 for each visitor

So if 4 people visited OGN using your referral link ,your credit is Rs 1

if 4 of them registered in the website, you will get an additional Rs 4 ,so total is Rs 5 for 4 visitors, and you will still get your Rs 1 if none of them registered in the website

You can check your promoter cash balance in your profile page

The Minimum Payout for promoter account is Rs 500

So please share your valuable comments and experience with OGN
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